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Heather & Kyle: Understated Elegance at the Saint Paul Hotel

Wedding: October 1, 2016

Honeymoon: Family cabin

Kyle Fredrickson and Heather Thuftedal have been together ever since a mutual friend set them up on their first date in St. Paul. Kyle proposed at his parents’ cabin, which he had decked out in flowers and candles for the occasion. Afterward, the couple went out to celebrate with both sides of their family. Choosing the wedding date was easy, since they are the fourth generation in Heather’s family to marry on October 1. For the look of their wedding, Heather drew inspiration from their custom rose-gold wedding rings. The warm metallic tones complemented her fair skin, his red hair and the décor at the Saint Paul Hotel. Each bridesmaid chose her favorite dress, creating an artfully mismatched look. Since neither Kyle nor Heather is much of a planner, they hired Kimberly Seymour of Pink Peony Weddings & Events to streamline the process, and they could focus on thoughtful details like writing their own vows. Their family and friends pitched in, too. Heather’s mother made the stunning wedding gown, Kyle’s dad created a vintage-inspired light-up sign and a friend wrote a spoken-word piece for the day—all heartfelt touches that made their wedding a truly magical day.

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